Home Interior Design

The challenge was to improve the overall home interior design.  The homeowners enjoyed cooking and entertaining guests, but the kitchen area was crammed between 3 walls, awkwardly closed off from the dining and family room areas. The kitchen area was also confined in the center of the home. As a result, they were not taking advantage of the view of the lake just beyond their backyard.

There was minimal countertop work space and inadequate storage. The kitchen had a very dated look and created a dark, uninviting workspace. This lead to no good opportunity for entertaining in the kitchen with guests. The homeowners wanted to open up space, have more countertop work areas, have more storage opportunity and have a fresh look in an elegant, yet comfortable manner.

What We Created

We removed the 3 walls that were enclosing the kitchen area, creating and airy, refreshing space. Overall a better home interior design. This created an opening for dining, family room and lake views. We made the cooking area a visual feature by placing it on a diagonal in a corner of the kitchen. An island was designed in a unique shape that not only provided a large surface area for work, but also enabled plentiful space for storage below.

We also gave the area generous seating that is located a comfortable distance from any work areas. Cabinetry was brought from the floor to the ceiling.  Glass-inset doors above with dimmable interior lighting, creating a wonderful appeal. A coordinating wet bar was added for comfortability, expanding the entertainment space. Traditional-styled cabinetry in two finishes was used for peaking interest; white painted maple and stained rustic alder was also implemented in the design. Hardwood flooring, a mix of two, different colored granite countertops, a tasteful, decorative porcelain tile backsplash, carefully selected sinks, faucets, appliances and plenty of quality lighting completed the project.