A More Modern Kitchen

Our client was looking for an overall more modern kitchen. We were challenged with a very large open-concept living space designed with a somewhat outdated contemporary kitchen. Combined with a rather awkward work and storage configuration, gathering spaces, poor lighting and outdated, commercial-looking tile flooring throughout. Homeowner enjoys cooking, baking and entertaining family and friends. They were seeking a more functional, comfortable and traditional living and work space. The project would entail the entire space including the kitchen area, dining area, pantry storage area, laundry room, foyer, back hallway, family room with fireplace, and especially lighting given the cathedral ceilings. The laundry room was outdated but large. The client was looking for cabinetry design and character in the dining area. The fireplace was quite totally outdated and had no hearth, making any fire in it, hidden by furniture.

What We Created

Our design greatly improved the work triangle which includes cooking, the sink, and refrigerator. This creating a more modern kitchen look. The  countertop work surface spaces were improved in location and spatially. Heights of cabinetry were increased for proportionally-coordinating with the large room size. Two island work and sitting areas were designed in unique shapes whereby one island fit into another while still allowing plenty of floor space between them. A second cold beverage area was located close to the family room living space.

The main cooking wall provides a symmetrical design with both functional and display storage including a custom hood employing stonework that ties into the new fireplace stonework for helping in integrating the spaces visually. Plenty of pantry storage space was created with cabinetry. The porcelain floor tiles were chosen for their natural look. These were installed in a form of a “stairstep” pattern, flowing throughout the main kitchen/family room space, the adjoining hallways and the foyer. This helped to visually break up the large floor spaces by adding another interesting texture. The foyer area included a large area at the entry doors using a complimentary tile and pattern.

Our client selected a wonderfully colorful, color-coordinated granite for the countertops. Cabinets are a combination of stained lyptus wood and painted maple, further enhancing the visual appeal through both color and texturing. Quality appliances were conveniently located throughout the kitchen spaces. Overall, colors and textures were carefully selected for offering a natural, timeless look that was fully coordinated throughout the spaces.