Basement Remodeling

The Kitchen Village is the area’s best choice for basement remodeling. Not only do we specialize in kitchen remodeling, but we are also well-known for our basement remodeling expertise. If your basement is completely unfinished or half finished, then leave it up to us to finish the whole space! Our expert designers will make sure your space is customized and unique to fit your style. We create basements that everyone in the family will appreciate. With quality cabinetry and flooring, our products will stand up to any family night or sleepover. Basements can often be dark and cold, but with our professional electrical and HVAC system, your basement is now welcoming and warm. Professional lighting is installed by the knowledgeable team to make any seat in the basement the best!

Advantages of Choosing The Kitchen Village

  • Insulate the space
  • Install water resistant wall board
  • Professional electrical work
  • Any plumbing work
  • Improve HVAC systems
  • Moisture resistant flooring materials
  • 100% customized spaces
  • Quality cabinetry and flooring materials

Contact us for Your Next Basement Remodel

Basements are usually the last spaces to remodel in a home, but do not wait and contact The Kitchen Village today! Let the professionals take care of any kind of basement space in order to reach all basement remodeling needs. From wet bars, to guest spaces, to movie rooms for family and friends of all ages to enjoy. The Kitchen Village is highly experienced and enjoy transforming any basement into a fully functioning space you want to spend family time in. Our goal is to give you the customized basement of your family’s dreams at an affordable price. Any homeowner who decides to finish their basement will automatically get a return on their money once they decide to sell. With a completed, customized basement your home will become the invest you want!