Kitchen Appliances

We Specialize In Professional-Style Appliances, But Also Offer The Leading National Brands

Shopping for kitchen appliances can be overwhelming. Let The Kitchen Village alleviate some of that stress with quality appliances from these following companies.

Kitchen Appliances

Let The Kitchen Village help you with your appliance selection. Appliances represent a large and long-term investment in your home. We view the selection you make as ultimately important.

We make an on-going study of those appliances we sell. Our educated recommendations for you are those we believe are worth your consideration based upon your lifestyle and budget parameters. It’s not only the appliance finish for considering but also the functions most important to you; and the ease of using those features. Do you love cooking? Love baking? Entertain a lot or just a little? Do you enjoy canning? How often do you shop for refrigerated foods, etc?

The different appliance brands each have their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, one brand may excel in cooking equipment while falling short with clothes  washers. Sure, there is rating information on the internet and in publications such as Consumer Reports. However, what we offer is hands-on experience from working with the brands over time.

We offer very special appliance package discounts when purchased with a kitchen. We will not sell any appliance brand that has either proved problematic or lacking in the availability of quality service personnel in our operating region. NOTE this FACT: The appliances sold at The Kitchen Village are of higher quality than most of those sold at the “big box” retailers and often those sold over the internet. You get higher value and competitive pricing!