Kitchen Lighting

Professional Lighting Design Service

The Kitchen Village is the area’s best choice for all your kitchen lighting needs. We offer not only professional design but also the best brands to complete your project.

Kitchen Lighting

Today’s kitchen is much more than a place to cook. The kitchen can be a gathering place for a crowd or a quiet place to prepare and eat an intimate meal. Kitchen lighting, therefore, needs to be as inviting as it is functional.  In a room where you chop, dice, grate and handle hot foods, having the right lighting is key. Besides being practical, proper kitchen lighting will brighten your space and make it more inviting. If you’re in the market for kitchen and cabinet lighting let The Kitchen Village guide you on your way.

The center of family activity, the kitchen wins hands-down as the modern home’s busiest room. Lighting requirements depend on the size and complexity of the kitchen space. From traditional kitchen lightings such as ceiling lights and island pendants to modern trends and led kitchen lighting, there is a lot to think about when lighting your kitchen. While the kitchen is primarily a work area, it may also be used for dining or as a gathering place for family and friends. Small kitchens may require only a central ceiling fixture and task lighting tucked under a cabinet. More elaborate kitchens will demand a blend of general, task and accent lighting.

Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to interior lighting, bathrooms are probably given the least consideration of all the rooms in the house. But as the bathroom increasingly becomes a place to relax and recharge, complete with steam shower and spa tub, the lighting requires extra thought. And when it’s done right, the payoff is great. After all, this is the room where you start and end your day.

A carefully thought-out lighting plan can be your home’s best asset. Yet before you get caught up in the fun of choosing pendant lights and chandeliers, analyze your plan to ensure that all areas of your home are lighted specifically with their purpose in mind. Contact us today with any questions you may have. We know you’ll appreciate the very real difference offered you at The Kitchen Village –  One that you can appreciate for a lifetime.